New and exciting things are happening at Eveleth-Gilbert Public Schools!

We’ve been busy recently making improvements that will benefit all of our students, from pre-school on up through the high school.

Starting with pre-school, you will notice a few changes made to the program.  Last year we offered all day School Readiness for 4 and 5 year-olds four days a week.  Given the success of that program, we are extending those classes to 5 full days a week.  There are also options for 4 and 5 year-olds who do not want to attend the full 5 days.  This year we are also offering two full days for 3 year olds.  This is new and there are options for this program as well.  Early Childhood Family Education will continue as it has in the past.  There are fees for these programs, but our goal is to make sure no one is turned away, so if you have any questions, please call us.

This past spring, a group of community members, staff members and the School Board created a 5 year strategic plan that outlines some goals we need to work on as a school.  A few that I would like to highlight are,  eliminating unused space, seeing more school pride in the space we do use, communicating with the public better and reorganizing administration to be more efficient. 
These areas I mention are things we are working on right now.  As students come back to school, they will notice that many of the old colors are gone.  Every time we paint something or put in new carpet, our school pride will be reflected from now on.  Also, you will notice Facebook pages starting up among various campuses and organizations.  We are going to use this social media tool and others to put better effort into making sure the public is informed about what is going on in our schools.

The last two have to do with efficiency.  We have been spending too much of our budget on space that we do not use and administrative costs.  These are two areas that had not been looked at in a long time and we are doing that now.  Some things did not change, but we have consolidated a few jobs and we are hoping that with everyone’s help, things will run just a smoothly as they did before.  As an example, I am now the Franklin Principal as well as Superintendent.  I will now run my office out of the Franklin Elementary.

Contact: Jeff Carey